Arien Name Meaning - The Christian / Bible Name That Means Enchanted

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Arien is a name for Both (Male and Female) originally come from World that means Enchanted. This name have 5 characters, start with letter A and very popular in Christian / Bible people. You can use Arien for baby name, business company name, user id, nick name, and more.

"Arien" Name Detail Information :

Name : Arien
Meaning of The Name : Enchanted
Origin (Come From) : Christian / Bible
Origin Country (s) : World
Baby Gender : Both (Boy and Girl)
Sex : Both (Male and Female)
Initial Letter : A
Number of Character (s) : 5
Other Info : -
Conclusion : The meaning of Arien is Enchanted (in Christian / Bible).

Please check other sources for what is Arien means in Christian / Bible for accuracy!

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