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Clean/Wash Your Fresh Egg Before You Put Into The Refrigerator To Kill Germs

You have to remember that you should make sure any stuff that you load into you refrigerator (fridge) in hygiene condition. You don't know what kind of germs, virus or bacteria live inside the vegetables, meat, fruits, eggs, drinks, other foods. You have to get rid the virus, bacteria, germs, and dirt so they can't invade other food and drinks in the refrigerator.

The Best Job Is A Job That You Enjoy, Love And Like To Work On It

A job with high sallary not always makes us happy. If we got a lot of stress and so many trouble on our job, we can not enjoy it. Bonus, allowances, lumpsum, pension fund, house to stay, incentives, insurance, vehicle, and other benefits from our job is no match for a job that we love. For example a job as high class lawyer is awful if we cant enjoy it. But if we like fishing, we can like a job of fisherman.

Having Enough Sleep 8 Hours A Day Can Prevent Us From Flu (Influenza)

As a human we have to get sleep well at least eight hours a day to boost up our endurance and immunity from many disease. Flu is one of common disease on human that very annoying our daily activities. If we don't want to catch a flu we have to prevent our self by doing a healthy lifestyle everyday and also enough sleep.

Use Your Time As Best As You Can Do Because It Wouldn't Come Twice

Many people are deceived by the beauty and enjoyment of the world to spend most of time for something that does not significantly affect their future. Our time is very precious for activities that gives us long term benefits, to be easier in achieving success and happiness in the future.

Sleeping With the Lights Off Can Prevent Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer

Having habit turning off the lights and other lighting when going to sleep have some health benefits to human. By sleeping in darkness in the long term we can avoid dangerous cancer such as prostate cancer and breast cancer feared by humans. Rather than taking chemical medication it would be better prevent cancer by changing our lifestyle.

Gargling Cucumber Seeds With Salt Heal Hoarse Voice and Missing Voice

When you have a sore throat due to the flu, inflammation, or the other throat problems such as turned into a nasal voice, heavy voice, missing voice, hoarseness, and more. Instead of using chemical drugs to treat the problem of your voice, it would be better if you're using natural medication.

To Prevent From Stroke Attack We have Avoid Smoking And Drink Alcohol

One powerful way to avoid and prevent stroke is to stop completely from smoking and drinking alcohol from now on. Why so? due to smoking and drinking alcohol increase the risk of stroke up to 200-fold. Cigarettes and alcohol was the source of the disease, so you should warn the beloved family if you don't want they become the victims of industry which only interested in money.

Do Not Lowering or Raising Your Weight If You Already Healthy And Happy

Many people are not grateful to the conditions that exist at present. One of the reason of a lot of people is just want to have a slender body. If a lot of efforts already done for weight loss there is no good results and also the efforts can make our body sick then you should not doing that. If you already healthy and happy with yourself (other than your body shape) you would be better to do nothing with your body shape that can harm the body.

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